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For Patients & Guests

Patients and Guests

Welcome to our Horizon Ridge location. When you enter the facility you will see the main hallway. CNS has a baby-friendly restroom immediately on the right side of the main hallway. If you are coming to the Horizon Ridge location for an appointment, then please check in at Suite 100 at the Registration Desk. Suite 100 is the first sliding glass door on your left after you enter the facility.

Dr. Leo Germin

CNS Neurodiagnostics

If your appointment with CNS is for EDX Studies or EEG, then you may wait to be escorted to the EDX Lab in Suite 130 or make your way there. Suite 130 is just opposite of Suite 100, where you just registered but to the left of the Hyperbaric Institute of Nevada. The EDX Lab will accomodate you with its own restroom, lobby seating. Please join us in watching guest-friendly and favorite t.v. channels (like the Food Network, History Channel, Travel, and Discovery Health).

Dr. Leo Germin

Exam Room Accomodations

CNS Neurodiagnostics exam rooms are private rooms for you and your authorized guests. CNS Neurodiagnostics kindly prefers that once inside your exam room that you keep the door closed both for your privacy and for other patients and guests. Feel free to change the in-room t.v. to any station of your preference that is available. Exam rooms can accomodate from 1-2 guests. If you have more guests, then you may need to have your guests remain in the lobby. Special requests if received ahead of time may be accomodated if and where available.

Dr. Leo Germin
W. Flamingo Rd. Location

Welcome to our Flamingo Road location. The building's first floor accomodates both female and male restrooms and located in the back hallway. If you are coming to the Flamingo Rd. location for an appointment, then please check in at Suite A-100 at the Registration Desk.