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Services Provided

24/48 Hour Ambulatory Electroencephalography

  • Durations - up to 60 minutes or more for hook up.
  • Entire test duration will depend on whether your physician has ordered a 24 hour or a 48 hour Ambulatory EEG.
  • Preparation for test may include no sleep instructions for this test, hair should be washed on the morning of the test and left clean and dry, and hair is unbraided.
  • Avoid use of hair sprays/oils/gels on your hair the day of the test.
  • Post In-office hookup; You will leave the lab with the electrodes still attached to the scalp. The technician will give you specific instructions you will need to follow throughout the duration of this test which will include daily activity log, push button activity log, etc.
  • Some patients may wish to bring a soft cap or hat to place on the head before exiting the lab
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The American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine (AANEM) has published a recommended policy for Electrodiagnostic Medicine to improve the quality of patient care, to encourage appropriate utilization of the procedures involved, and to assist Medicare Carrier Advisory Committees and other insurance carriers in developing policy regarding EDX testing. Unfortunately, EDX studies are poorly understood by many in the medical and lay communities. Please visit the EDX Edu section for more information on how to be a better informed prior to having EDX and other laboratory services.

Prior-authorization for services by your insurance company does not guarantee payment of medical services. Patients should call their insurance to verify that these services are a covered benefit.

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